It has been a long time since the humble Apple Snail has been allowed to be sold in the UK but, as a pleasant by-product of Brexit, they are now available to order from a number of our suppliers!

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Closure of the Hawaiian Ornamental Fish Industry

In the early hours of yesterday morning we heard the news that the Hawaiian ornamental fishing industry had lost its latest hearing of a protracted legal battle against those trying to shut down their industry.

The judge’s ruling has halted all aquarium industry fish collection in Hawaiian waters state wide. The state is in the process of notifying any existing permit holders that their permits are  no longer valid with immediate effect. This is obviously devastating news for the fishers and their families as without a legislative fix it is highly unlikely that the ruling will be overturned for at least 2 years, even if the industry is able to financially continue the fight.

Unfortunately you will no longer be seeing wild collected species found solely/mainly in Hawaiian waters appearing on availability lists. These species include;

Yellow tang

Kole tang

Chevron tang

Potters angel

Potters wrasse

Red tail wrasse

Saddle wrasse

Snowflake damsel

4 line wrasse

Hawaiian cleaner wrasse

Tinkers butterfly

Bandit angel

Personatus angel

Sunset hogfish


Other fishes associated with Hawaii, such as flame angels, should still be available as they are collected from other locations in the Pacific Ocean.


So, it’s been a little while since updating here – blame it on the current global situation perhaps?

Anyway…  we, at Aqualogy, are still maintaining as normal a routine as possible. All of our shipments are going ahead albeit a little haphazardly currently!

With shipments arriving each week from all over the world, we aim to continue removing as much of the stress and hassle involved in importing good quality livestock and having it delivered to your premises. Let us carry on helping you guys to make better margins and expand your range of stocked species as we push forward into an understandably uncertain future!

All the best

Chris, Neil and Paul

***LAST ORDERS OF 2019***

We only have a few more short days to get your last orders of the year in!

Our final deliveries of 2019 will be shipping out to you on Tuesday 17th – and the majority of your orders will have to be in by 4pm Thursday 12th!

Christmas is coming!

So, after a hugely successful Aqua show we’ve pretty much back to a place of relative sanity! With the traditional busy season upon us, perhaps now is the time to start thinking about increasing the variety of fish you have for sale?

With weekly imports of literally tens of thousands of species of fish, there is something for every one of your customers available on our lists somewhere. Need help finding a specific fish? Why not get in touch with Neil via email on Rarities and oddballs are of special interest to him so if anybody can find what you’re looking for, he can!

Plus, we encourage all of our customers to use our custom made posters (small selection below) to help increase those sales – feel free to get in touch for more digital copies.

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