Singapore FW – Aquaculture

Aquaculture brings in new imports from their collection bases in the Far East every week. You’ll find a superb selection of consistently good quality fish with reliable stock levels. Exceptional for Dwarf Gourami, ‘Mr T’s’ Platys and Swordtails, but also new and unusual fish from Burma – West Kalimantan – Jambi in Sumatra – Thailand – Japan – Palangkaraya, Central Borneo – Mersing, Malaysia – Southern Malaya –   and Malaysian state of Sabah. Check out the weekly newsletter for highlights and special offers.

Here’s our supplier collecting fish in Lake Sentani, West Papua – it’s a hard life but somebody’s got to do it!

AQUACULTURE shipments are weekly and our Availability List shows approximate ‘landed’ price per fish. Packing 1/8 box orders with fillers/scatters allowed. EXTRA BONUS – every box ordered receives 5 FREE Betta Fighters (well virtually free as they’re invoiced at just $0.01)

HIGHLIGHTS: Dwarf Gouramis, Platys, Swordtails and unusual fish. Bulfrogs available on 1st shipment of the month

Here is a very small selection our latest stock list for shipment

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