Taiwan FW

Founded in 1989, our supplier rapidly became Taiwan’s leading exporter of ornamental fish. Located in a sunny southern region of the country, this facility benefits from a tropical climate that allows the fish farm to grow together with nature.

With over 2,000 tanks and 250 ponds facilities, large numbers of species are in stock & fully quarantined prior to export. Cooperative agreements with more than 150 different breeding farms, allows our supplier to offer over 500 different kinds of fish, turtles, and shrimps at competitive prices.

TAIWAN shipments are weekly and our Availability List shows approximate ‘landed’ price per fish. Packing 1/8 box orders with fillers/scatters allowed.

HIGHLIGHTS: Recommended for Cichlids, Bristlenose, Barbs, Angels, and all species of Shrimp which can be packed as ‘fillers’ to receive smaller manageable quantities.

Here is a very small selection our latest stock list for shipment

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