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Orna Fish was established in the year 1994, a subsidiary of Euroscan Exports Ltd., and now a leading exporter of value added gourmet teas (MiesnaA) from Sri Lanka.  Orna Fish operates an Eco-friendly farm situated in the Western Province, 40km from the Columbo International Airport. The farm is managed by an enthusiastic group of animal lovers employing the best husbandry practices.

  • Experienced and trained work force
  • Year round suitable weather conditions for breeding and growing of fresh water fish
  • Guaranteed quality, consistency, good value and reliability
  • Continued research and development in critical areas

SRI LANKA shipments are weekly and our Availability List shows approximate ‘landed’ price per fish. Packing 1/6 bags per box but sorry NO FILLERS or SCATTERS are allowed.  Here’s a sample of what’s available but you’ll find more in our customer Photo Gallery

HIGHLIGHTS: Excellent livebearers at a good price and generous sizing

Here is a very small selection our latest stock list for shipment

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