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    08000 467 855

    Kenya Marine

    Our Kenyan supplier has become East Africa’s leading supplier of marine ornamental fish and invertebrates to the international aquarium industry.

    All fish and invertebrates are caught by a team of highly trained and experienced divers and snorkelers using only nets. From the moment the marine fish are caught, they ensure the best possible care, and are rapidly transported back to the handling facility where they are carefully acclimated before being transferred into one of four state of the art systems.

    Here the fish are monitored closely before being prepared for shipment, and their controlled packing process further ensures customers receive only the highest quality of marine animals. Through the entire process, their one aim is to provide clients with the best possible product at an exceptionally high quality and competitive price.

    Kenya marines are available weekly with occasional FREE fish offers.

    HIGHLIGHT: Superb quality and very high order fulfilment rate. Well insulated boxes and superb packing.

    Here is a very small selection our latest stock list for shipment

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