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    08000 467 855


    “The Sri Lankan fish are consistently good quality – they’re healthy, with great colouration and the sizing makes them very competitively priced. Their small/medium fish are the equivalent to medium or even large from other shippers which makes them exceptional value.”



    “The Neon Gold barbs are the best I’ve ever seen! I have been using Aqualogy for some time and the overall standard and variety that’s on offer is superb. Take a look at some of my stunning coral photos here.”



    “I’ve bought my marine stock from Aqualogy for many years and have been more than happy with the consistent quality each week, and the efficient service that the team provide.”



    “I can buy a great selection including ‘oddballs’ as scatters which means I have a much bigger variety to promote on Facebook each week. This really helps generate interest.”

    “I met Aqualogy at the first tradeshow and have been buying ever since. The savings on livestock from them have proved substantial and I am more than happy with the service.”


    North Yorkshire

    “Buying regular and unusual stock from Aqualogy means that we can offer new and existing customers the best selection of fresh and healthy varieties in our store.”