Vietnam FW

Our Vietnam supplier was established in 1999 as a small, but very well organised freshwater fish breeding company. Initially they were only buying and selling fish, but within 12 months, they started a 8.000 sqm breeding farm building programme. Several fish experts were brought in from the Czech Republic to help establish what has now grown to become a very stable fish breeding facility and importer/exporter in the Vietnamese marketplace. Years on valuable knowledge, experience and improvements in the breeding process continue to be passed on to new incoming employees.

This supplier takes a prominent place amongst Vietnamese exporters as a result of their reliable stock assortment, consistent good quality, and ability to meet customer orders.

Vietnam is available FORTNIGHTLY and 1/8 bags per box with scatters allowed. Consistently good quality and stock levels are reliable

HIGHLIGHTS  – Discus, Sewellia & Sphenops Mollies

Here is a very small selection our latest stock list for shipment

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