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    08000 467 855

    Miami FW

    Our supplier imports and exports wild caught fish, from across South and Central America, every week to the UK. All fish are acclimatised and cared for in their new upgraded facility in South Florida.

    You’ll find well-conditioned Corydoras and L number Plecs, as well as African fish too. A varied list of fish from Guyana, Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, Nigeria, Haiti, Gulf of Mexico, and the Florida Keys.

    Packing is ¼ bags per box and substitutes MUST be provided.

    All DOA claims must be accompanied by photographs of the items still in the sealed bags by 12 Noon Wednesday.  The supplier will not accept any D.O.A. claims for losses due to Airline delays or Airline mishandling. Any items that expire in your Aquariums are not the supplier’s responsibility. Please note this supplier does not accept DOA claims on Stingrays or Tigrinus catfish.

    We hope to have some sample photos here shortly!

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