Germany FW – Stendker Discus

Since 1965, STENDKER DISCUS have been breeding their popular Cichlids “Made in Germany”.

During 1998, the two brothers Jörg and Volker took over the business from their father Heinz Stendker, who had originally laid the foundation for today’s professional hatchery with just four discus. The brothers have set up the enterprise “Diskuszucht Stendker GmbH & Co. KG”. Their company philosophy is: “Only the best for our discus fish” and that is evident in the high quality of the stock.

Approximately 200,000 – 300,000 discus fish, in 22 different colour varieties, come to life every year in their hatchery in Warendorf. In the last few years they have presented several new colour strains that have become very successful: Stendker Tefé, Dark Angel, Checkerboard and Leopard Snake Skin!

These Discus are immensely popular because they are captive bred fish and accustomed to tap water, making them very easy to keep. An “instruction manual” for keeping discus Cichlids is available covering everything from water changes to feeding.

Stendker shipments are once a month and boxes can be made up of any assortment of size or variety.

NEW for July 2017 –  We now have the brand new colour strain “German Wonder”

Here is a very small selection our latest stock list for shipment

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