Thailand FW

This supplier is one of the leading and the most reputable Freshwater importers, exporters, and breeders in Thailand. As the first distributor to export from Thailand, they have gained extensive knowledge and practices over the past 50 years, resulting in good quality fish at competitive prices.

All fish are conditioned, quarantined and fed with proper food until they are healthy and strong enough for shipping. Despite being a major fish hub, their own breeding facilities across Thailand allow them to produce a good healthy and reliable supply for you to select from.

These shippers are also proactive in pioneering different techniques for fish transportation and their final destination, and are certified as a Top- Class (A) export facility and breeding farm by the Department of Fisheries in Thailand

Shipments are fortnightly, packed to 1/6th bags per box and scatters are permitted

Highlights: Great Discus, Fancy Goldfish, Red Crabs, Eels, Sharks, Bettas and much more

We hope to have sample supplier photos here soon  

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